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Thread: Alaska Outfitters reviews

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    Default Alaska Outfitters reviews

    I'm sure this thread has been posed before but just looking for peoples opinions on who a good outfitter would be. My buddy and I want to hunt Dall sheep, Moose as well as Grizz. We are thinking about going with Max Schwab. What are your guys opinions of his outfit? He doesnt state the trophy quality in his area either. Does anyone know what an average sheep would go in his area?? I would like to get something pushing 36" - 40" if possible. From the pics on his site it looks like the sheep are a little weak, but the moose are pretty decent.

    Also looking at Knick Glacier Adventures. Does anyone know anything about this outfitt? The pics on his site look great but I want to make sure he is reputable.

    Any other outfitter suggestions is also appreciated.

    Thanks everyone in advance!

    I should also mention that we are looking for an outfit that will take care of us after the hunt as well. i.e. help us get the sheep plugged, and the bears sealed and the animals to the taxidermist. We don't want to be dropped off in town with no way to transport the animals etc... Just looking for an overall good outfit that will take care of its clients and give us an enjoyable hunt.

    If there are any outfitters on here that want to give us a proposal for the kind of hunt we are looking for please PM me or reply to the thread and I will get back to you.

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    As for sheep i'd be looking at knik adventures,Mr. kopsack has been chasing big sheep his hole if your not in top shape get there before you go,he will work you to the bone....and i'll promise you you will have a hunt of a life time......
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    You might give Mike Bowden a shout. He's a Master Guide with considerable Dall sheep, moose, brown / grizzly bear experience, plus he has black bear, caribou and wolf. HERE'S A LINK to his website; the name of his outfit is "Hidden Alaska Guides and Outfitters". You can PM me for details if you like, or call my cell number listed below. I've known the guy a long time and he's the real deal. Started out horse packing for Zeke Schetzle back in the day, and then went out on his own. Built his own log lodge on a small lake, where he does his brown bear and moose hunts, but he also does moose hunts elsewhere (float trips) and he does his Dall sheep hunts in a third area that's a pretty good producer.

    Getting anyone to commit to anything approaching 40" is a very tall order; I'm sure you understand that such large trophies as that are by definition rare. I know he has taken rams over 40 in his area, however you cannot count on that anywhere.

    If you're going to try to do moose, sheep and grizzly on the same hunt I suggest you do a 14-day hunt with a relocate in the middle. This means you'll hunt the latter part of the sheep season (last week of August) so you'll be ready to go when moose season opens around the 1st of September.

    Get in touch if you need more info.

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    Max has a great area that he hunts. I guided for him for five years from 04-08 (five seasons).
    I personally guided 4 to 5 hunters for sheep every year. All of them took sheep except my personal friend that left after 4 days. He came up next year and shot a 38 1/2" sheep. Most of the rams I guided for were 37-38 1/2"s. I probably took 3 that were under that. One 32" pigmy that a father and son shot together with a massive double broomer and a 35" ram. Max is very quiet and doesn't like to talk about trophy quality. He is not your typical guy. I can't say enough about him and the quality of his hunts. His camps are not the best but plenty good for a sheep camp. He probably has the best hunt for the money and great success rate. His guides have also been with him for a long time and know the area well.

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    pm sent on kopsak...

    guess not i think you have to have more posts before i can send you a pm...

    i will say if your talking a tripple combo hunt for all three, your biting of a big chunk, i'd narrow it down to one or two, with maybe the possibilty of adding a 3rd later on...more than one critter on the menu gets distracting and often times if you try to grab them all you end up with nothing...
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    +1 for Hidden Alaska. Mikes a good guy, no BS.

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    +2 for Mike @ hidden alaska. I personally know Mike's top sheep guide. You will not find a guy who knows the area and sheep better. Be prepared to earn your sheep in miles on your feet. I believe Mike's average sheep is 37". The actual harvest each year depends on weather mostly. Mike harvests less sheep than the wildlife biologists say the area will sustain. This is a guide who cares about the animals also.

    I second the opinion of changing locations during the hunt. Typically sheep and moose do not live in the same area. Mike can and will fill the bill you require. 14 days is a minimum. I would recommend 20 days to fill all the tags you want.

    For everyone else reading this post: If you are a hunter and are not checking your guides reputation on you are not doing your research. Outfitters rating is a true no BS website that the outfitter and the owner of the website have no control of what past clients put as ratings for the outfitter. If the outfit you're about to hunt with is not on you need to ask yourself why. There is only one reason--the guide is not producing what is promised. has excellent ratings on this website--because his past clients have spoken.

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    I hunted with Max in 2010 for sheep & moose, As was said he has a very good sheep area I don't know about shooting a 40" sheep those are hard to find anywhere. Very good outfit excellent guides who have been with him a long time Not a fancy camp but good amount of game, I harvested a 10 year old double broomed ram & harvested a nice moose in a 12 day combo hunt. Max does not talk alot but does provide whatever he says he will. if you have any other questions give me a call 920-564-6015
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    Braun has a great reputation for sheep most guys tag out on day one and hunt ends unless you add species. His sheep hunts are booked waaaay out.


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