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    We have a one and a half year old Lab mix who needs a new home. She is a beautiful dog (cant distinguish from purebread Golden lab), She is incredibly intelligent and very loving. She is not very well trained but responds well when the effort is made. She has been a family companion and has been wonderful with our children. A week ago she was involved in an altercation with the neighbors dog, her and her brother found their trash pile and their dog didnt like that. He lost. Our neighbors and ourselves know she is the venturesome spirit and her brother who is a timid oaf would have never gone over to begin with if not for her. I believe in my heart of hearts in this dog. It has been recomended to seperate her from her brother and find her a home where she will get ample attention and training. The Vet even mentioned today she would make an excellant hunting dog. All her shots are current and she is very healthy. It breaks my heart to consider the alternative to finding a new home for her. Please come meet her.

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    You might check with Wetland Retrievers. They do an awesome job with rescues....... Take a couple bags of dog food along too for their efforts...


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