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Thread: Winter Salmon in the ocean

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    Hi. This is kind of a follow up to the thread on winter runs of salmon here in south central. Has anyone ever caught some of these winter fish in the salt? I know all about feeder kings that you can catch all year long out of Homer and such. But ever catch any chums or silvers in Cook Inlet during the winter months? Why only kings and not piles of pinks too? If there are all of these winter silvers coming through on the way to their birth rivers, why don't we hear more about them being caught? Would seem logical to me that people would catch them too while trolling for feeder kings, no?

    Mutley, you have a lot of experience out there, any other salmon species ever hit your lure this time of year?

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    Great question! I'll check with my biologist friends and see if they know. Give me a couple of days...

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    different salmon species hang out different places... some kings hang near shore... other species are more of an open ocean fish. i am sure there is some info on where we think they go, but there is not much solid data overall.
    i once caught a fairly immature silver off glacier spit at the end of may....
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