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Thread: Cleaning Bighorn Sheep Horns

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    Default Cleaning Bighorn Sheep Horns

    A taxidermist boiled my bighorn sheep horns and my horns are really dark compared to original. Does anyone know how I can brighten the horns back to original?

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    207, Boiling makes horns and antlers lighter colored, not darker. The horns most likely were stained, but not to worry. There are many types of antler stains, but to be safe, start off with a green brillo pads and start by lightly rubbing the horn. This should begin to lighten them, but if it does not, get a small brash brush the size of a tooth brush and start rubbing with that. If these two do not work, then get a heavier wire brush and try that. You get the idea. In the end, sandpaper will work for the baddest of stains. Good luck.


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