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    Talking Anchorage report

    Got out to a local lake in town today to break the ice for the season. Testing showed 6 inches of ice with only 3-4 of that being stable good ice, but still plenty stable to follow the shoreline. I would not advise going more than 20-30 feet offshore yet, the ice is still forming and the farther you get out the weaker it is, with less and less solid ice and more slush type stuff, pretty dangerous right now. Give it a week or so and it should be safe all over. With that said, I fished for a few hours with the first 30-45 minutes yielding nothing, moved holes and then bam a few hits that got away, good hits too. Continued fishing and managed to land a 8 inch or so rainbow which I let go, rebaiting before hooking a nice 12 inch dolly. Action continued sporadically but steadily as the sun began to go down. Left with a 12 inch rainbow and the dolly mentioned above, let another 1 or 2 small rainbows go and missed a few more hits.

    Not a bad day of ice fishing as far as I'm concerned for being in Anchorage, good sized fish are still out there just takes a bit to find them. P.S- If you find a frozen hole with a bunch of frozen shrimp around it, you're at a good spot.- Shouldn't be hard to find with some exploring, my tracks were the first around.

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    Awesome, thanks for the update.


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