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Thread: Requesting Venison Recipes

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    Default Requesting Venison Recipes

    I am looking for some recipes and ideas on how to process venison. I have done the basic processing but I am very interested in doing sausage and jerky. I do the burger and as far as the ingredients go, I base it on what I have in the cupboard as far as spices go. So, if you have any recipes to share I would be ever so greatful

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    For Sausage recipes for venison and otherwise I go by Hot links and other country flavors.
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    Check out this link for sausage ideas:

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    Hunter angler gardener cook ( has some good stuff. I also suggest Marianski's books especially "home production of quality meats and sausages" I have had really good results doing quick cure stuff to be frozen so one doesn't have to use all the nitrates and such. I take a venison hind and rub it down with 1 cup brown sugar, then with 1/3 cup kosher or rock salt. I may or may not add other spices (garlic, rosemary, pepper), then let it sit for a day or two. After it has brined, I smoke for 4 to 8 hours, and either cook or freeze for later. The brown sugar will turn the outside purple and glaze nicely when cooked. Low and slow is the key! I'll do something similar with roasts and after they are cooked and cooled run them through the meat slicer for sandwich meat.


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