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Thread: Some questions about relocating to Juneau

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    Default Some questions about relocating to Juneau

    I am thinking of relocating to Juneau this winter, and I have some questions.

    1. I don't have employment waiting for me, but I am educated (economics and law degrees) and interview fairly well. How hard is it to find employment in Juneau? I figure it is either really hard (due to cronyism or residency time restrictions) or really easy (because people get cold or bored or just leave).

    2. Do you need a car if you live and work in Juneau? Or can you get around with public trans/bikes/etc? Forgive me if that is a silly question. (Yes, I know it is cold).

    3. What are rents like compared to Anchorage? I'm a single man, no wives and kids, not looking for anything fancy (actually the opposite).

    Thanks for any help you can offer!

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    1. Lots of lawyers in Juneau due to it's the capital. You might get lucky and find an opening. Some State jobs require the applicant to be a resident and some are open to all.
    2. If you find a place to live and work downtown, you won't need a car. There is a public bus that goes between the Valley and downtown, but it used to take a good hour and sometimes two bus changes to complete the trip. You'll get to see some of the "local color" riding the bus.
    3. Rents are very high. Better line up something soon because the legislature meets in January and they snap up the housing in December.

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    This might help ya out a bit, I'm looking to move to Juneau as well and been researching the area for sometime now . I don't think you will have much problems with your profession but I do know registered nurses are in serious demand through out the state .


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