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Thread: Boning out meat in the field

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    Default Boning out meat in the field

    This thread is great.. get to talk hunting 365 days a year..

    I've never had to bone out a moose in the field. I've always brought it back in quarters..

    When boned out, how long can one expect to be able to hang it?... probably quite a bit shorter than with the full quarters.. typically I get 10-12 days with full quarters.

    My thoughts on it would be I'd hang it in camp till completely cooled out.. and give it two days at least on the bone if possible.. then bone it..(if allowed by regs)

    Once boned out, I'm guessing care becomes quite a bit more difficult to control quality.

    Back when I'd keep the bigger kenai river King salmon.. I'd hang them over night by the tail.. on the bone.... and they'd tender up quite a bit. All that enzyme activity around the bone seemed to really help the meat.

    Has anyone used the you tube vids for meat break down.. excellent.. this guy has a knack for making it easy to follow.. first time I've ever gotten a tri tip off a moose.. and perfect break down of all the cuts.. excellent. If boning in the field these are the cuts I'd break it down to... four part.. very good vids

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    Good vids there
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    Care does take a little longer for boned out meat,you'll need to make sure all exposed meat has a chance to dry out,even the boned out ribs will need some attention,as for hanging it before bonning,great idea if you have the time to pack it back and wait untill the day before you leave to bone it,just remember all the dry exposed meat will be trimmed out,so you have some additional waste,the least amount of cuts the will save you a bunch of work when you get home,,,,,i personally bone our the meat in the field and have not had any issues,you just be to pay more attention to your meat,lots of folds that need to be opened up....good luck
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