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Thread: Help, Help, Predator calling with 120 volt.......??????

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    Default Help, Help, Predator calling with 120 volt.......??????

    I have predators around the cabin (mostly at night). So I see no point in buying a portable remote Predator Call that eats batteries. So I am thinking run an extension cord to the wood shed, and have a boom'box there. My question is should I buy one that plays CD's or Tapes.......?

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    Better yet would be to have an iPod or MP3 player hooked up to a stereo system. I say that assuming that your wood shed is not heated. If it's a heated shed, then go with a CD. Tapes are bad news in the cold. CD's are not that great either due to them being mechanical and spinning the CD. The small iPods without the internal hard drive are exceptional in the cold. Pick up a Johnny Stewart CD with some good rabbit distress sounds and you'll be good to go, either on the iPod or in the boom-box. Hope that helps.

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    Default does help. And I have no idea what a MP3 player or iPod is. But I'll go with the CD

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    New question........Could I just put a speaker out in the woodshed, and plug it into the audio outlet of the computer........????

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    You could run a speaker from your computer if you want and as long as you have a long enough wire. At that point, you could probably just stick the speaker on your front porch out the window or door and let it rip. Set up out in the woods 20 yards out from your cabin and wait for the action.

    Here are a couple of good CD's:

    Johnny Stewart has some good sounds as well.

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    Man oh man I never ever thought about using a 1,000 watt yard light for spot lighting. That sure puts a different spin on things. Heck, if a guy wanted to be creative he could run wire out to the yard perimeter and wire in motion sensor lighting. You'd know right where the boys were by the lights coming on. Hmm, sure gives me ideas.
    As for the 120v system, sounds like I'd go w/ snowcamoman's advice.
    Do you have a 2nd floor window you can hunt out of? Stay warm, crack the window, elevated shooting, not too far from the pantry? I like this idea more and more.

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    If you regularly keep an ordinary speaker out in the weather, the paper cone may not last very long. If you plan to use it outdoors regularly then look for an outdoor speaker (or an indoor/outdoor speaker), with a diaphragm that can handle outdoor moisture levels. (Or else try a cheap disposable speaker from the thrift store.)

    Quote Originally Posted by AGL4now View Post
    And I have no idea what a MP3 player or iPod is.
    MP3 is the name of a file format used to store music digitally.
    An MP3 player stores these files on microchips and plays them.
    An iPod is one brand of MP3 player, which started a popular fad.
    Pictures of them at
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