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Thread: Info needed on glass bedding a model 70

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    Default Info needed on glass bedding a model 70

    I ended up getting my Bedrock kit from Cabelas, not too much info on the net for bedding a model 70 though. Tons of videos and info for a model 700, but not 70's. Everything looks pretty straight foreward except inletting the rear tang area. I've got a handle on the front screw, barrel channel and recoil lug, but where to add glass to the rear tang seems alittle confusing. I have a post 64 push feet, 1980's model 70 30-06. Plan is to drill out the rear screw w/ a 7/16 bit about 5/8" deep and fill w/ glass. Any input, pics of model 70 bedding would be appreciated.

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    Look at Bansner's Ultimate Rifles site. They have info on the Mod. 70. If I get time later I will send you a lengthy PM on the subject and maybe some of the other guys will chime ine.


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