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Thread: Halibut fishing out of Anchor Point

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    Default Halibut fishing out of Anchor Point

    We are a party of 5 and intend to go halibut fishing out of Anchor Point around 4th July. I would appreciate any recommendation for a charter from there.
    I was looking at arctic fox charters out of Anchor Point. Has anyone fished with them?

    Also, is it better to find a charter from Homer or one from Anchor Point? What is the difference, except for the fact that the charters from Anchor Point seem to be $20-$30 cheaper?

    Thank you for any recommendations and tips you can give me.

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    Anchor point is closer to the fishing grounds. Try Ron from Ak Centennial Charters.

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    We've got a few great fishermen that we work with out of our lodge. Last July 5th, my brother-in-law and his son and I went out with Ed Dersham at We hooked into a triple of Kings and got all three in the boat. Biggest two were 43 and 40, the other about half that size. It was an unbelievable experience!! We went out after that ,caught our halibut, and were back at the lodge by 9:00 AM ! Jeff Cundiff at is also a top notch fishermen. Either one will take good care of you. You'll be there at a prime time for catching big Kings on the charters because they're on their way up to the Kenai,Kasiloff, etc. and pass by there. If you need a nice place to stay at a reasonable price, check us out at
    Regards and Good Fishing, Brian


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