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Thread: 375 distance?

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    Question 375 distance?

    What do you folks consider to be the effective shooting range (not extreme) for the 375 H&H in hunting situations? I guess what I'm asking is, what are you comfortable with? Say for moose and brown bear? And is the 375 RUM any appreciatable advantage?

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    Default Same as everything I carry..

    My bread and butter range is from 200-250 yards. What that means is I'm going to hit where I want. The 375 (H&H) 270 grain, the 338 Win mag 250 grain, or the 30-06 180 grain. The trajectories are so similar that it just a matter of hold. Ive made as more 300 yard shots with the 375H&H and 300 grain bullets than with a 300 mag. ( I hunt with it more) But for me the 375H&H at 300 yards is nor a big stretch, just a tighter hold (steady gun).

    Beyond 300 yards, for any caliber, requires some study and practice. It is beyond this range where the flatter shooters are beneficial and they also deliver more energy to the target at the longer range, if we stay with heavy bullets. (300 grains for the 375)

    The range and the position at which you can consistantly hit 8" paper plates, or gallon jugs of water (fun), is your range for you and your rifle/load.
    The problem here is few people can develop the skill needed for this with the heavier recoiling rifles. The plates are easy with a 223.

    I borrowed a guys 375 RUM rifle that I had loaded and sighted for him and made a really impressive shot on a wounded Red Hartebeast at a solid 400 yards (413) several were watching including two PH's everyone was duly impressed......with the rifle!
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    I agree 100% with Murphy. 300 yards is a far piece in most hunting situations. ( Hard breathing, pack is cutting into your shoulders, bugs in your eyes and no steady rest)
    The 375 HH has lots of punch and is not yet falling like a rock at that distance. I used to keep my 358 Norma sighted at 300 as I do with most of my other longer range rifles. But I usually pass on shots past that range unless I goof up on my range estimation by shooting downhill or something like that.
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    I don't like shooting much outside 150 yards unless it can't be helped. The chances of wounding an animal rather than killing it go up dramatically. Chasing an animal that has a several hundred yard head start is not fun.

    If I'm not confident I'll kill it with the shot, I won't take the shot. There are too many variables to flatly state a range. Besides, trying to get closer is half the fun. More than half.

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    i've had guys take grizz out to 275 yard with their 375's. penetration and powers not so much the issue as follow up shots on moving game at that range.
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