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Thread: Pistol Scopes?

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    Default Pistol Scopes?

    I just bouthg a 5" S&W 629 and am interested in putting a scope on it. I've been looking at the Leupold M8 2x w/ext. ER. Any other recommendations?

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    Default Burris

    I'm in the same boat - looking to scope a Super Blackhawk I've had for 25 years. About 2 years ago I researched the daylights out of the subject. There used to be a website with a huge forum - Handgun Hunting or something like that. The predominate rec was Burris.

    I found a 2 power on their site with lock down cross hairs that I like.

    Folks were saying better optical qualities for less $ then leopold.

    Leopold is first class.. so I don't know.. Sometimes people talk CA CA on stuff like this so..

    Either I bet would be great chioices

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    Default scopes

    I have an M8 2x EER that i used on a 44 and 22. I liked it but ended up getting
    higher power for the really accurate 22. I paid something like $170 for it from Cabelas about eight years ago. I still have it if you want it. I was using stock
    ruger rings so I don't have rings for it. If you want it make an offer. There is nothing wrong with it. I just couldn't see the 22 bullet holes in the target with it.

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    Default I have

    I have had a few. The Encore wears a 2-7 Burris. Nice scope, I like it, no problems.

    Charles Daily 1.5X - Went through two as the lens inside broke. All were on a .44 mag. Contender.

    The .445 Super Mag. Contender wears a 2X Leupold Plex. Great scope, very accurate and it is holding up to some stout loads.

    The .44 Mag. wears Contender now wears a Tasco Pro tapered crosshair with a 1-mil dot. Great scope and very quick to use.

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    Default Burris scope

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    Part of the question is what you want to do with it.
    Yu can't g wrng with Burris or Leupold 2x for quality.
    I use my .44 mag primarily for hunting, & at .44 mag ranges on moose & black bear I really wasn't worried about magnification so much as sight picture, so I went with a 30mm "Ultra Dot 4" red dot sight. 4 different dot sizes at the twist of a knob, along with 10 different brightness settings make it great for any conditions. For sighting in I use the smallest dot (4 min of angle (4" circle @ 100 yds, 1" @ 25 yds)) for most hunting I use the 8 moa dot, & when walking thru brushy country to check my bear bait with the chance of running into a brownie at close range I crank it to the largest whic is 16 moa. Very quick to find & you can't miss it on a brownie @ 20 yds.
    My Encores & Contenders wear New generation Bushnells, Weavers, an old Simmons Gold Medal, & even an NC Star on my Hornet barrel, & all perform great. BUT, none are as quick to aquire a target with at .44 mag ranges. For that I would gladly buy another Ultra Dot.
    By the way, it's held up to several hundred 320gr @ 1325-1350 loads & 4 yrs of Alaska weather with no hickups.
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