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Thread: Do you leave your firearm outside for the winter.......?

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    Default Do you leave your firearm outside for the winter.......?

    Question for rural hunters & trappers, do you leave your winter work firearm outside, and avoid bringing it inside during the winter........?????

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    Can't speak from any rural/bush perspective, but your question brings up a very valid point. Bringing a cold <anything> inside a sealed, heated building is going to get condensation build-up on every surface (in and out). This has the potential to create rust in places that you normally wouldn't clean.

    The flip side of this... a rural cabin-like environment with a wood burning stove is going to be a very low humidity environment. While you will get some condensation, it won't be nearly as bad as bringing a cold gun into a residence of modern construction with a low air exchange rate. A cold, wet gun in that cabin is going to dry out much faster and more completely.

    The prevention of the condensation issue is very simple... put the gun in a scabbard. It need not be waterproof, though the more air tight it is, the better it will do the job. Now you can bring in the gun and leave it sealed up inside the scabbard while it all warms up. The moisture in the air can't get to the gun to cause condensation.

    Another point to consider if you are leaving your gun outside is what you are doing with the ammo. Ammo doesn't fair nearly as well with temperature cycling. Bring the same rounds in and out of a cabin and the winter environ too many times and you can end up with dud ammo or ammo that won't perform to specs. The best storage for ammo is the warm environment over the cold one. And if you do subject ammo to temperature cycling, plan to replace it often and put your temp-cycled stuff in a target shooting box.
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    yes...when on the trapline i leave my rifle hanging outside the door of the cabin and pistol in the snowmachine....however when i get home i bring them both inside..oil and clean well...then spray with contact cleaner to get all the oil off....
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    Staying in the cabin, I bring my rifle inside at night and then set it outside in the morning before I put it in the case so there it is brought back to temperature. If camping in a tent during the winter, rifle stays outside in rifle case.

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    Unless I have to clean it, it gets snow built up on it I can't brush off, I leave it outside. Vitally important to degrease the bolt though for winter use, not uncommon for firing spring to stick in the deep cold if it isn't degreased.

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    When in use, I leave it in the stormshed.
    Since I use corrosive ammo and clean that with boiling water, when I bring in my rifle, condensation is not a factor. I usually leave it in the shed if I have not shot it.
    All other rifles and pistols I bring in have a place by the fire to warm and not rust, but that too, is usually only for cleaning or storage.

    While camping in summer, I use a large leanto type shelter and the rife is out of the weather but not outta the "conditions", in winter I usually have it rght outside the flap.

    I do a routine cleaning and oil up all metal surfaces, in season, I either grease it lightly in Summers rain and boating or oil and wipe in winter.
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