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Thread: Skull for caribou euro mount, anybody want it?

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    Default Skull for caribou euro mount, anybody want it?

    I just finished taking the hide off of a nice bull I shot last Friday. When I shot the bull, his antlers fell off as he tumbled down the mountain. I thought it would be a unique opportunity for somebody that has a nice set of antlers, but no skull to mount them on to make a euro mount. I'll be driving back to Fairbanks with it on Tuesday and I'll hang on to it for a little while.

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    Pm sent to you.

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    I got your PM but couldn't respond since your PM box is full.

    I'm packed up and just about to hit the road, so I packaged up the skull and stashed it for you here. I don't want to post the directions to it, so I'll give you a call and let you know where it is at. I stay just south of you at the borough, so it isn't far from you.

    Hope you put it to good use!


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    Jerod,, if Chris don't take it I will. I have a set of antlers in Velvet that would look cool on a euro, but I had to split the skull to preserve the velvet.

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    I left it up north for Chris, so it looks like it is claimed. If I get another one, I'll keep you in mind. I'm debating on driving back up or flying on the 2nd/3rd of December.

    I could have easily filled my last three bou tags yesterday driving home. It was insane how many caribou are roaming around the Haul road right now.


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