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    hello all,
    i was curious to know if anyone has used a stovepipe oven on a more-than-occasional frequency? The type i was thinking about getting is like this: How well do they work? How hard is it to regulate the temp? Other than getting a large, heavy true wood fired cookstove or using a legged-type dutch oven, are there any other options anyone can think of for making small loaves of bread, brownies, ect? i don't need a turkey roasting size, just something smaller.

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    These ovens work fine but there are a few things to consider:
    - Temperature control can be a bit fussy.
    - You'll probably want extra pans that fit the oven.
    - Your chimney's draw might (or might not) be affected.
    - Creosote production can increase, so you'll probably need to clean your chimney more often.
    On the plus side, by drawing more heat from the flue gases, the stovepipe oven can potentially increase your stove's efficiency.

    You asked for other options, so here's an untested idea I've considered: Although these are explicitly NOT designed for use on a grill or woodstove, for occasional use you could try a Coleman Camp Oven instead:
    It won't last long but it's cheap, portable and easy to use. It's designed to fit on top of double gas burners, so it's more likely to work if the removable cooktop plates on your woodstove happen to fit it. On a closed top it might not come up to temperature easily.

    The solution I prefer is a reflector oven, they're easy to make and easy to use, but most newer woodstoves won't accommodate them very well. My old stove opens up like a fireplace so a reflector oven works great.
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