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    Anyone use the mini 14 ranch rifle as a predator gun? If so what scope are you using on it?. I recently purchased one used and when I went to have my leupold 3x9 scope mounted on it the gunsmith had trouble getting it to bore sight and had to make some adjustments to the mounts but was able to bore sight it. I took it out to sight it in today and at 50 yrds its shooting 2 inches high and one inch to the right of center. I have the scope adjustments windward as far left as it will rotate and the up/down as far down as it will rotate and its still shooting this far off. Would this be a mounting issue? I plan to bring it back to the gun smith tomorrow but needless to say im getting frustrated.

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    I have had a SS Ruger RR since they first started makeing the SS with a synthetic stock combo and I hate to say bad things about Ruger because I really like them but that M-14 was always the most inaccurate piece ive ever had. I still have it sitting in the back of the gun safe but I did get a Rock River Arms AR a few years ago that makes me wish I would have never bough the M-14. Anyway I hope you resolve your issues.

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    I just use the peep sight on my mini-14. I have been thinking about putting a 1.5x5 on it but I really like open sights. Out to 50 yards I can group within 2". That's good enough to kill a predator IMO. Haven't had any accuracy issue with my mini although I have heard a few that do.
    If you are grouping in the same place everytime, I would say you have a mounting issue and need to re-bore sight and zero your scope out.

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    Your gunsmith should be able to resolve the issue. It might take a little shimming but he will get it done. good luck this winter.

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    Default mini 14

    Well i took it back to the gunsmith yesterday and he did some more work to it, its shooting dead center at 50 and 2 inch groups at 100 wich im told is pretty standard as far as the accurancy of the ranch rifle goes, I can live with that.
    Thanks for the input guys.

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    I have a Mini 14 that I've had since high school. I did have a 3x9 scope on it but i found that I prefer the peep sight. I have fired thousands of rounds through it and never had a problem. Accuracy is similar to yours.

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    What other rifle under 1000$ would you like to have for predator killing, banging around on a snow machine or plane? Scope or no scope?????


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