Woooo Hooooo! Snow! We've had snow for over a month on the highway. This week we added another 7 to 10 inches on an already nice wet base of about a foot. It is currently snowing more!!! Expecting another several inches out of this one. Maclaren River Lodge reports a lot of great snow also. In my humble opinion, after 10 years of riding up there, this is starting out as good as I've ever seen it. The last few years, we didn't get any early snow, thus making no solid base like we have this year. I'll be out grooming about 200 to 300 miles of trail in our area.

Also, the Denali Highway Trails Club (Al @ Maclaren) will be grooming the highway again this year! Get your registration done to help out with the funds for all the money and time it takes to do this. The DHTC has a fan page on Facebook now too, so check it out and become a fan to stay updated. Great pictures on there.

Get with Jennifer to book in your spot this year! Or call Maclaren River Lodge too, and book with them. Going to be a great year to be up here.

Don't forget your gift certificates too!

Good luck and happy riding! Now time to go ride.... .