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Thread: Range finder Which one to get?

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    Default Range finder Which one to get?

    I am looking to get a range finder, however I am not sure which one to get. I would like to get one that goes out to 1000 yards, water/weather proof, and the price range 500 or less. I am just trying to find out what everybody has and how well you feel they perform. I have used a Leica once, it seemed to be a pretty good unit, what about leupold, nikon, bushnell, redfield. I would love to get a swarovski, but don't think these are in my price range.

    Thanks for all thoughts and opinions.

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    If you want 1000yds get the Leica.

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    My Leupold RX 1000 consistently ranges to 700yds. I Like it. Got it for around $250 shopping around.

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    I also like the Leupold RX 1000 and it fits in your shirt pocket making it more accessible for me. Good luck

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    i have a Nikon 800 and have used buddies Lieca 1200 crf. If you can afford it, buy the Leica.

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    I've got a Leupold (can't remember the number, not a Looong range model)

    It's a real nice compact size, works consistently in all conditions,
    but it Does Not, find ranges out to the distance it is supposed to,

    works for my hunting needs well, just not as far out as advertised

    I'd upgrade brands next time
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    Of all the rangefinders I've used the Lieca is the superior rangefinder. It has a small red LED box that is the correct size and color. It also ranges moving targets. It only has one button to do the ranging. It doesn't tell the temp, time of day, or compass direction, JUST RANGE. Thus the screen isn't cluttered. It also has super high quality optics. It's small enough to fit in your shirt pocket and is light.
    It is a bit more expensive than others but so are quality binoculars. Before you buy a rangefinder test the Leica against your choice; you'll pay the difference. I did !!
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    It won't take you much research to learn that Leica is the best rangefinder in your price range. I have the Leica 900 and am glad I spent the extra money. Simple, clutter free screen and reads consistently every time. Pick up a Leica demo unit from Cameraland and save a few bucks, you probably won't be able to tell it was ever taken out of the box.

    Leupold isn't waterproof, which you stated as a requirement. After researching I found that its actual effective range was more like 700-800 yards rather than 1000.

    Nikon makes the Rifle Hunter 1000 that is waterproof but again has trouble getting past the 800 yard mark consistently. If you don't mind reducing your ranging requirements, this is a good option. It also has the incline distance calculator which some people like.

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    Leica CRF all the way. If you're really shopping for price find a used CRF 1200. Light weight, accurate, easy to use, ranges MUCH farther than other range finders. The extra cost for the Swaro gets you (I think) slightly better optics and more weight.
    I thought about trying to save money on my range finder years ago and am so glad I didn't. My friends who have other range finders are now trying to sell them to buy a Leica.
    The new CRF's (1000 and 1600) have an inclinometer included. THey also have ballistic software that seems to really, really suck.


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