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Thread: 17 Hornet...hmmmm.

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    Default 17 Hornet...hmmmm.

    Its no secret that I really like the .22 Hornet for a lot of things. While browsing the Hornady website I've noticed they've started loading the 17 Hornet. Not sure of the exact case dimensions but I'll guess its very similar to the 17 Ackley Hornet if not exactly identical.

    I looked around a bit more and Savage is chambering it in the M25 rifle...hoping some other folks climb on board and chamber it- especially Ruger in their excellent 77/22 Hornet platform. Given their frequent association with Hornady I'll guess we'll see it this year given the minimal engineering costs to rebarrel the .22 Hornet to a .17 Hornet.

    20gr Vmax at 3600fps should make a great calling gun for fox, lynx and coyote with a bit more reach than a .22 Hornet and less fur damage than .223 and .22-250 class rifles. This pique anyone else's interest? Betting you can load it for next to nothing as well.

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    I think it will work out like the 17 vs 22mag in rimfire and folks will go back to 22cal.
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    I can't say how it compares with the Ackley version a friend has, but if close, you'll be happy. A long-time hunting pard in the Southwest built one back in the early 70's when he was unhappy with the then-new 17 Remington. He's been a happy camper ever since. I'm not sure about his ballistics, but he's always used the old Hornady's. Maybe 25 grain? It's proven to buck wind surprisingly well.

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    James Calhoon has had the 19 k-Hornet for years its supost to be a great for fox and smaller things like P-Dogs. I think the 17/20gr is too small for yotes. For them the 22-hornet, 221FB, and 222rem are better choices. The 17-hornet is a K hornet as Hornady states.

    I think fox huntesr will love this cartridge but for closer shots at yotes the 221FB/222rem/223 fit the bill better.


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