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    Default Floating willow

    anyone know about how long it takes to get from the parks to the mouth?

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    Default depends on flows and logs

    I did it once in my cataraft in about 3 hours. Only did a bit of fishing. Be sure to scout where the water is going and where you will come out at the mouth. Water should be getting a little stiff this time of year up there?
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    4-5 hours. I have floated it many times. Are you thinking about float hunting it? This is a float hunting forum. I mostly float it in June-August for the fishing season. Water is class 1 the entire way. Lots of sweepers, strainers and occasionally logjams. One year some buddies and I had to pick the raft up and carry it about 50 ft. Other than that it shouldn't be a problem. I always see bear tracks on the river banks during the salmon season, but I have yet to see a bear on the river. They probably come out after midnight when the river is quieter and the temps. are cooler. For your takeout park your vehicle in the overflow parking area to the south of the campground. When you get past the gate take a left down a short dirt path to park your rig. Then take a second vehicle up the Willow hatcher's pass road to Deception creek. I usually put in here rather than the park highway. Way easier put in, and you only got a 1/4 mile or so to get down to the bridge from there. Also, there are a few good fishing holes above the bridge. Good luck. Let me know if you need any more help.

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    Float time varies depending on flow. Fastest I've done it in an empty one man cat is hour and a half from Parks to mouth. In low flows give it about 3 hours, and you'll spend some time on the oars to get out that quick. For hunting, pay close attention to where you're at in the Willow Creek Rec area, as there are quite a few firearms restrictions.

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    If you start today, it will take you about 6 1/2 months or so....

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    The last time I floated in (august) it had 2 places with sweepers all the way across the river. Anyone floated it since then?


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