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Thread: Garbage Model 70s

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    Default Garbage Model 70s

    Not truly my opinion, but it makes you look. I'm looking for two or three Mod 70 rifles, but have heard that their workmanship started to falter some and rumors abound. When exactly did this start to happen? I've heard 95 and 97, but also as early as 92 and as late as 2001. Any informed opinions?

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    i've got a .416 in a win model 70, in premo shape, top of the line all purty and maybe had a box fired thru it....but i bet your looking for a "deal"....
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    Default M70's

    I think its hit or miss just like any other rifle. I have purchased 3-4 in the last 5 years or so. Some are lights out shooters, some needed tweaking. The best M70 I have has a mfg date of 1950, its a shooter.

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    You are teasing with that one, I am looking for someones old beatup rifle action suitable for a rebuild to a 416rem since Montana rifle co seems to be forever backorder.


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    Default worlds crappiest barrels

    I got 2 winchesters in .375H&H.

    The barrels look like a set of copper railroad tracks in a black tunnel after only 1 shot.(rough tooling chatter on the rifling)

    I bought 1 in may '98 and the other in july '98. So I would say they were building them crappy by then.

    Unless it was that they were just getting used to (new vendors) and a new lefty item since these were new for that year as left hand safari models.

    Although QA should have caught this and rejected the barrels.

    Both barrels are crapola and neither chamber is anywhere near like the other.

    1 looks almost like a weatherby radiused shoulder,and the other loses half its shoulder upon firing.(I guess they were only concerned with headspace to the belt)

    I also noticed they both have 2 different followers.

    I have never had a feeding, firing, extraction or ejection problem.

    I just can't group better than pie plate at 150yards. And my brass life sux from all the overworking the neck area from crappy chamber dimensions.

    Other projects are coming to a close and these 2 will be rebuilt soon using only the actions.

    New firing pins. extractors, ejectors, mag followers,stocks, barrels, sights.

    New everything.

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    Default .416


    Not looking for a better deal than is out there, but definitely not in a .416.

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    I have 4 post-64 model 70s, two blue and two stainless. .270, 3006, 7 mag and 300 win. The 7 mag is incredible with 160 Accubonds; the others are simply great. Never had a problem with any of them. Of course, I glassed bedded them shortly after getting them and honed the triggers to 1.5 lbs of pull. But actions are square and barrels are good. I would have more if I could afford them. Looking to give some away?

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    I picked up a late 60's MOD 70 in .30-06 last year in Sterling. Paid $250 for it. Thought there was something wrong with it because of the price but wanted to custom build a rifle so it didn't matter. I was just going to use the action, rebarrel and custom stock it. Turns out I refinished the stock, bedded the action, scoped it and now have a tack driver out to 200+yds. This rifle really humms with 180 grns. It out shoots my Weatherby SBGM (300 Wthy Mag) and Browning A-Bolt (338 Win Mag) hands down. Second best shooter in the safe. My best shooter is a Ted Stevens Model 54 (Winchester) in .30-06. No joke-9 shot group was sub .25" at 100yds w/110 grn varmit hand loads, bench shooting. It also humms along with 180 grn bullets. Might not sound like much to most but it sure impressed me!

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    I have not had a problem with any of the last 7 mod 70's I have owned. One was a 300 win mag, two were 300 WSM's and the other four were 300 ultra mags..
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    Default M70 wreckage..

    I have had in my hands somewhere around 50 Model 70's in the post-1994 (classic) configuration, at least that many.

    These all belonged to others and I was tasked with mounting scopes and loading ammo and sighting-in /break-in barrels.

    About half of these had to be shimmed to enable good scopes (Leupold, Kahles, Swarovski) to center shots with the adjustment. Two had to be sent back to Winchester to be redrilled to allow standard M70 bases to fit. one wound not chamber the cartridge that was stamped on the barrel. (It was a 375 H&H with a 375 bore and 338 Win Mag chamber..sort of) Most of the chamber dimensions were outside tollerances for the caliber.

    I've had about a half dozen with extraction/ejection problems, one with a detached extractor and many had rough chambers and left marks on the brass, reamer marks.

    The barrels of the stainless guns are the roughest I've ever seen in a new rifle. I personally haven't ever seen a good group (1" or less) fired from one of these stainless rifles, without polish and recrowning. Mostly they were 300 mag, 338 mag or 375 H&H.

    There were a few other problems also but Winchester M70 problems with rifles made over the past ten years is about 100 to one over Remington, Ruger and Browning, guns in their price range.

    I know many folks who claim to have no problem at all then say all they needed to do was have it bedded and recrowned and the chamber smoothed up and everything was great. So be it. I'm sure there was some good rifles made with Winchester stamped on them, during that decade. I call 'em like I see 'em.
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    Default Win Mod 70

    As I can remember, I've owned a 375 H&H, 338 WM, and a 270, a 308 short action - all Stainless. I've owned three short action push feeds in 308, and one push feed in 30-06 - these were blued steel.

    I still own the 375, 338, and two of the blued short action 308s.

    I gave my nephew one of the push feed 308s, and he is still happy with it.
    One of the 308 push feeds is not accurate, and the other is just OK. The 30-06 was a good one. The 270 stainless was a good rifle too. It's a shame I sold the good ones.

    The 375 had a barrel that was installed crooked - that is not in line with the receiver, yet it was fairly accurate. I kept the action, had it completely reworked into a custom 375 with McMillan stock, etc. It's great now. I gave the take-off barrel to a friend, who had it rethreaded, and rechambered to 375/338 and he is still happy with it.

    The factory 338 was perhaps the most inaccurate rifle I have ever shot. I had the action rebarreled in 338 with a Lilja 12" twist 338 WM and McMillan stock. Now it's probably the most accurate rifle I have.

    I could never get the CRF stainless 308 to feed right, and sent it back to Winchester two times. The third time they offered to pay me retail price for it, so I accepted, and used the money to buy a Ruger mkII stainless in 308, and kept the change.

    The two push feed 308s that I have now, I'm saving for some custom work. I like the actions far better than a Remington, and plan maybe a 7/08 or perhaps a heavy barrel 308. These push feed actions aren't made anymore, and they are just too good to let get away. They were not expensive when I bought them, and everything works on them, including the trigger. All they need is a good barrel.

    Overall, I have not had good luck with the factory rifles, but the actions have been good to rework and rebarrel.


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    Back when Pay-Less (or was it Pay N Save) went out of business in Anchorage and Wasilla, I went nuts and bought a few of the stainless M-70 Classics. Anyone else remember the big 50% off sales?

    I do not own one of them now. (and I am a M-70 lovin fool) I wish I would have keep a couple for the actions. But that was about it. I could not obtain any great groups even with the couple that had a BOSS on the end.

    I don't know how a blued gun would have done since I did not buy any during that particular frenzy. BUT, the bores were really rough on the stainless guns.

    Although I will admit that the stainless barrel on my M-700 Rem Titanium mountain rifle was not exactly smooth either. I had to spend two or three nights lapping the barrel before it stopped snading the bullets on their way out...
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    This was one of 3 reasons why I chose the Kimber Montana over the Model 70.

    The other 2 being the weight(Montana's sweetweight/TUFF-stock with no mods really needed),plus no 338WM Model 70's available ATM .

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    Default win 70

    I bought two model 70 classics both stainless, 30-06 for my eldest boy and a 338Mag with Boss for me. The latter shoots clover leaf three shot groups with Remington Factory CoreLokts at 100 yds consistently. The 30'06 shoots 1.25" group with old Failsafe factory. Both rifles bought in 1997. I had the triggers smoothed up and thats it. The stocks are that flimsy black plastic stuff, but they shoot so well I can't come up with a reason to put better stocks on them.

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    I've got 2 push-feed 70s, one in .338 and one in 7x57 (Featherweight). Both of 'em shoot well. Only thing I've done is refinish them. Both triggers are right around 2 lbs. The 7, I got from a buddy who got it new and didn't do anything to it. The .338 was from a pawn shop, so it might have had work done by a prior owner. No problems at all with either of 'em; I think they're from the late 80s to mid 90s.

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    Default Out of...

    Perhaps 15 or so 'new' Model 70's, both push feed and controlled (or Classic) that I've owned in the last few years, none have disappointed me other in that the classic style stocks were too long and bulky for me.
    I've a stainless/synthetic .300 that I never believed would stick around, and for the last three or four years it's my 'go-to' rifle.
    All shot acceptably well, even the little Featherweight Classic '06, which is pushing real hard to be my best shooting rifle, though it's got some to go to keep up with a push-feed 'Wally World Special' blue/synthetic 26" barreled 7mm Remington Mag.
    I got stupid and sold about ten of them off right after the factory closed. Got a lot (for the time) for them, more than new list. Figured I could replace them....a lot of the shops around here have money in the drawer from customers with standing offers on anything that comes through the door, so it's not very often that a good one hits the racks.


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