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    I was fortunate this year to be invited by a good friend on a six-day, 51 mile backpacking trip of the Grand Canyon. We went Rim to Rim to Rim, hitting all three of the major trails and had an absolute blast. I couldn't get pictures of the most awesome wildlife we saw (ringtail and mountain lion!) as they were both in the dark and we were rather more focused on not getting a bit further away from the lion, but some very nice opportunities for landscape photography. Haven't gone through all of my ridiculous number of shots yet, but here are a few nice ones!

    Grand Canyon 971.jpgGrand Canyon 931.jpg
    Dawn, on Plateau Point.

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    It's a fascinating place. I did a couple float trips through it. Thanks for the reminder. Post some more.

    My pictures are here:
    nd here:

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    Looks like you had an awesome time there, Jim. Floating the river seems pretty neat!

    Here's a few more. Dawn at Ooh-Ahh point and Bright Angel Campground. I'm also blogging the trip day-by-day here.
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