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Thread: Advice on Kicker Motor

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    Default Advice on Kicker Motor

    Just bought the 22' ocean pro and didnt put a kicker on.....long story, anyway, anybody have any good ideas. I have looked at the Yamaha high thrust 8 hp, would that be enough?

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    Go with the T8, it is a great motor. I have the power tilt model on a 19' jetcraft, and it will push it 8+ mph. I am planning on moving it to my new 26' northriver when it gets here......

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    You are on the right track with the T8. Horspoewer does not move a large boat, torque does.
    These high thrust motors have lower gearing and turn bigger props. They are designed from the get go to be a kicker for a large boat.
    The T8 has power tilt, the T10 does not. Both are about the same price. Not sure what you would use power tilt for if you are needing a kicker. On my boat the kicker is mounted on a bracket the swings down when in use or up when it is not. I never have seen a situation where I could even use power tilt so my kicker is the T10.
    Make sure you get one with a shaft length long enough that you dont get any cavitation. Either a T8 or T10 will push your boat as fast if not faster than a "regular" 15 or 20 hp motor.

    I can troll all day long using my T10 and it will only use 1-2 gallons of gas. It will not get me back to the dock fast if my main motor conks out, but it will get me back.


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