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Thread: willow area ice/snow

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    Default willow area ice/snow

    How are the willow area lakes and snow conditions?

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    I put a couple pictures in the Susitna river string. Snow in the big swamp is about 3' deep with very little bottom. Creeks need some cold weather to firm up. Several folks went through Rolly Creek by the blind hill. Quite a bit of carnage in the creek bottom. There were a couple trees down on the trail, some went around it into the soft mud/slush....
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    I went up the Willow side of Hatcher this weekend. The road past the winter gate is packed and fine for trail riding though I did feel an occasional small rock under the skis. The upper creek still has open water flowing and I sure wouldn't trust any of the beaver ponds!. Snow was about knee deep 2-3' with no base. It was nice just to get the sled out and do some easy cruising!


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