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Thread: Video Highlights of far!

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    Default Video Highlights of far!

    I was asked to put together a quick sample of clips to use for a kayaking forum. As long as I have it, I thought I'd share it.

    Considering this was my first year really kayak fishing, I got amazingly lucky and managed a few fish. Actually, I think I caught more fish this year than I have in decades. It's mainly because my schedule this summer worked out so I had most of the weekends off. That hasn't happened in nearly a decade.

    I'm simply amazed at the new generation of sit on top kayaks. They are the utlimate inn versatility. Obvisously there are limitations but I challenge others to name a fishing platform that can do all of the things I was able to do this year: Shrimping, Cook Inlet spring Kings, cohos, Upper and Lower Kenai, Seward, Whittier, Valdez, and lately Homer feeder kings.

    With my kayak, I hit open water in March and I am still fishing late into October and better yet, I am still catching fish...nice fish! I have full intentions of fishing November through February and to catch a fish from a kayak every month of the year. Just simply amazing to me.

    While I appreciate all of the comments, many seem to be surprised or think I am just a little bit nuts. But the fact is that anyone can do it and it is safer than you would imagine. This last Friday, I was in 3 to 4 foot waves with the occasional breaking 5 footer. No problems. I would have been nervous in my 21 ft center console with a 150hp engine, let alone in my Kenai river open skiff. My sit on top kayak handled it with ease.

    I highly recommend a close look at this kayak fishing whether you are a river, lake or ocean fisher. It can do all three. Not only was it great to lose weight, you just can't beat the economy of stacking a kayak on top of my civic and hitting the water. To do it properly, it's not a cheap way to go like I first thought. My drysuit cost as much as my first kayak. But while economy is there in many ways, it not about saving money. It's about catching fish and the versatility to hit virtually any fishery that is available in Alaska.

    So here is a video of my highlights from my video highlights. As much as I tried to shorten it, it's still 11 minutes. You can find the full length videos which are typically 2 to 5 minutes in HD on my blogs at:
    or if you don't want to wade through my ramblings, just go to my youtube channel at :

    I appreciate all of the compliments, but the best compliment would be to know I encouraged you to go give it a try. But if you do, please do it safely. I tend to push the limits sometime, but there is no need to do that. You will still have a blast and catch fish!

    I'm a function over form guy so I don't add music or fancy transitions or backgrounds other than what I can quickly drop in with my software which is currently powerdirector 9 for the PC. I shoot my videos with the gopro 960 (the cheaper version), the olympus stylus tough 8010, and my iphone.

    Keep in mind this edit was done so I could supply potential short clips for inclusion into a main kayaking video. I'll try to do a better compilation at the end of the year. Besides, I have two full motnhs of fishing before I can even begin to consider what should make my highlights of 2011. The glass is half full here! I'm sure there will be a few more days that will warn the right to be included in the highlight reel for can always hope!

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    You've had a great season Sir, and I'm sure it ain't over yet!

    Thanks for taking the time and letting us ride along.
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    very nice job
    keep them coming the year is still not over
    When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

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    So Rudy whats on the list for next year? Salmon shark? You are an inspiration to all. Keep your videos rolling and your dry suit dry.
    Thanks for all you have done to this old/new sport of yak fishing.

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    Thanks all! Just absolutely stunned at what I've been able to access with a civic and a kayak! And I've Been an obsessed fisherman for a long time!!!

    Powerdrifter, salmon shark? It's been done already so what's the fun in that? Lol. Just kidding...about the fun part. I'm part of the northwest Kayak Anglers group. A couple of them went out with Ketchikan kayak guide Howard McKim and I think all of them (4) caught one and they kept two. Impressive!!!!

    I've had a GREAT year but in some ways, fortunately for next year, I didn't catch any big ones of anything. Using my yak, the biggest fish were 25 lbs king, 15 lbs halibut, 12 pound silver. So I still have something to shoot for. Shooting for a 40 plus pound king which doubles the challenge since I plan to get that out of lower kenai river. A 50 lbs halibut and 15 pound silver.

    The crazy/different goals are a big octopus, pioneering a night fishery (like I don't fish enough already,lol), big pike, big laker, deep drop fishing with electric reels, and the ultimate Alaska trophy the salmon shark.

    Deep drop might have to wait. That's a thousand dollar reel upgrade, another 600 to 700 dollar sonar upgrade, and a few hundred dollar battery upgrade. But with the price of black cod, it won't take too many to get a return on investment if I can find them somewhere I can access! And we LOVE black cod!!!!!

    That's the beauty of Alaska, so many things to do!!! Am I missing anything?

    It'll take time and probably years to accomplish, but I wouldn't bet against it if given a little time!!

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    What an incredible year you've had/are having (like you say..still 2 months to go).
    And to think this is your 1st year in a kayak.We all know that you are certainly putting in the time to make great things happen.And it's paying off very handsomely.Well done sir,well done.
    Besides inspiring the rest of us...your videos are also very entertaining..."ouch,my leg..ouch,my leg...ouch,my leg".Gotta love that stuff.
    Keep em coming...........makes me proud to call you my friend.

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    Very impressive stuff. Shrimping... imagine that!
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