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Thread: 09-12 Polaris Big Boss new problem!

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    Default 09-12 Polaris Big Boss new problem!

    My neighbor up at my cabin and I both have the new '11 Big Boss. Neither of us have had the broken bolt yet that many others have had, but we both carry spares now. Well he came to me a week ago and asked me if I ever had any problems going down steep hills. His machine would pop out of gear slightly and make a horible grinding sound. When he would stop it would pop back in on its own and everything would be fine until he went down another steep hill with a little weight in the bed.

    He took it in to HP and they tore it down and didnt find anything. He also talked to a mechanic at Marita and said that they have that problem in the Rangers mostly, but they have the same tranny. They are telling him that the front side of the gears and the backside of the gears are slightly different. While you are on the gas the gears are meshing fine, but when coasting the spring that holds the gear in place is too week to hold it in place allowing the gear to pop out slightly due to the shape of that gear face.

    By the sounds of it there is really not much that can be done. They put a slightly stiffer spring in his but it is still doing it. He said that if you put too stiff a spring in there you would not be able to shift it and would have other problems.

    After he told me about it I have had it happen to me now. Is anyone else having this problem?
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    you have ebs, my '10 had it & never had a prob, i could come down a hill so slow it would start to ranger does it though..i just go slow coming down, wish they had ebs on the rangers

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    the clutch is different compared to a rhino for example....safely going down the steep stuff requires gas and brake at the same time...i know on the rangers you have to keep it near 2000rpm to keep the clutch squeezing ....I've gone down steep stuff grossing over 3000lbs with the double foot method without loosing engine used to annoy me but no bigge now...
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