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    22-250.JPGI finally got around to maing up some loads for a cheap stevens 200 22-250. I paid 289 for the rifle, 150 for a used VX I 4x14 leupold, and 150 for a basix trigger that I adjusted to 2 lbs, and leupold mounts 40 bucks. I have a total 629 in this rifle and it is a shooter. Barnes 53gr TSX, RL-15, CCI LR primer and remington cases. outside to outside is .416 so I minus .244 for a group of .172. I haven't had a chance to see what it will do at 2 and 300 yards, but I hope to get out this weekend and try that.

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    Nice group! What works, works, cheap or not. 22-250 is a great round and usually very accurate. I used to have one, but rebarrelled it to 260 Rem. If I got another 22-250, I think I'd put a faster twist barrel with a long throat so I could shoot the long range heavier bullets like the Sierra 77 or 80 grain bullets. With the 22-250 you could probably push 3000 fps with them and have less wind deflection than the 55 grain and less bullets.

    I'm sure your 200-300 yard shooting will be just as good as the 100 yard. Those 53 grainers should be smoking out at 3500FPS!

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    Looks like your wasting a lot of paper by putting em all in one hole - well done!
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