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Thread: Quick Canoeing Survey

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    My name is Chris and I am a senior in Niskayuna High School. I am currently enrolled in an engineering class that requires me to discover a problem and develop a solution for it. I have created this survey to help me find a problem within the canoeing community. I came to this forum because I know a great deal of you know a lot about canoeing. By filling out this survey you would be helping my group and I out a great deal. Thanks in advance!

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    Done, good luck with the project. If I can suggest you might want to include "Are any of your friends or family members handicaped?" And "Would you be interested in a devise that would help your family and friend who have trouble getting in and out of your canoe?"

    Most of us are in very good shape, but we all have older family and friends and many have family/friends with dissabilities. When I guieded for sea kayaking I had a frequant customer wiht sever limitations, basically had to pick him up and set him in the boat then use padding to prop him up. It was a great experiance for both of us! But a lift sure would have been useful!
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    Need an "N/A" on number 6.

    Great idea and good luck with the project....maybe you can start making the device in your garage and eventually become a canoe tycoon!!


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