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    Do you find a difference if you shovel the snow away from a hole or shanty to let more lite through the ice? I like to do it so I can see better in depths up to 20 feet any thoughts on scaring fish or drawing them in with this practice?

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    Nothing scientific, but only experience. I rarely catch fish at night and have left bait and tip ups out over night and nothing bit until well after sun up. I have to think light is a huge factor in fish activity in winter.
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    I have always shoveled the snow away from the hole and always clear the area that I am going to set up my shelter. Sometimes I shovel a little extra to let more light in.

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    it seems to me more productive especially when using lures that dont have a glo or scent advantage....and definately helps in deeper water.....+ we always shovel snow away for our shelters....ive never found it to be a bad thing.... also seems like they are attracted to the light depending on water depth, clarity, etc...

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    I don't. I will shovel a spot for the shanty at times.
    I feel the light is unnatural and could spook the fish. Mostly though it is a pain to shovel all that snow.
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    Little as possible from the hole when fishing in the open. With a shanty it does not matter. Found that ice fishing when the ice is wind blown and clear is the worst time to fish in the open. I believe that is because the fish see you, this has been especially true with lake trout. When there is a snow cover, my partner always fishes in a shanty with the snow removed and has about the saem catch rate as I do in the open.

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    i've heard both ways. in really pressured areas expecially for rainbow trout go real light like 4lb vanish and leave the slush in the hole and try to make it as natural as possible. using this technique i outfished my buddy who was using 8lb ice line, same bait, fairly close to my sets with the snow cleared off. he caught none i caught about 8. i'd say the facts didn't lie.

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    I usually get my buddies shovel the snow...haha

    I do like to clear out the area for the portable hut, I dont think it affects the fishing much at all.
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    I like to leave a little snow on the area where the ice hut is going to be. That way it does not become so slippery after awhile that you need ice cleats just to stand up. I have shoveled some snow away on the outside to let in more light at times and have not noticed any difference one way or another.


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