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    Greetings to everyone I am set to do the second rodbuilding event of the winter. It will be on November the 12th starting at 10:00 am. I will be sending an order off to Batson's on the 1st of November. I have a fair selection of some thier Fly Blanks, as well as some Casting/Spinning. I also have a lot of the different guide styles if you want to see them in person. If anyone is interested in any Batson components give me a call at 229-2757 or shoot me an email with your requests.

    If your interested in attending the Rodbuilding workshop send me an email at I would like to have a head count of who is planning to attend so I don't become overwhelmed.

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    Just a quick note to apoligize for the Double Post for the rodbuilding event. I wanted to let everyone know that I ordered some discontinued Spey Rods from Batson. I have 2 extra 13' 7wt Spey 4 pc rods on their way from Batson's I got a Very nice Price on them and I am passing it on to you. $90.00 I also have some 10', as well as 9'6" on hand if anyone is interested in them. They make great switch/two handed rod If anyone is interested give me a holler.


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    How much are your rod building classes?

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    Hi ORbill,
    Instruction is free. The only cost will be supplies. I have a few rodbuilding stands on hand that I can let you borrow. I am able to order supplies directly from Batson, and I keep a selection of rodbuilding supplies on hand for the classes. I also have all the epoxies and finishing supplies onhand. Once your ready to finish your rod we can set up a time and I can let you use my finishing room. There is a modest cost for the use of epoxy and finishing supplies. If your interested feel free to contact me at We can trade phone numbers and I will try to answer any questions you may have.



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