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Thread: Anyone remember Big Buck Hunter??

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    Default Anyone remember Big Buck Hunter??

    Semi off topic but I had to share this with you all..

    About 10 years ago I remember playing this arcade game at the local bar non stop for about 4 months straight, and if any of you have played it you know how addicting it can be. Well maybe I'm late with this but they made a Big Buck Hunter Pro game for Wii!! Just found it on sportsmansguide... is that sad that I am in my 30s and this will be on my Christmas list??

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    Best Game Ever! There is a very addicting Big Buck Hunter Iphone app/game too!

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    Oh please dont tell me that, that is such bad news! hahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by DevOrt View Post that sad that I am in my 30s and this will be on my Christmas list??
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