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Thread: 2012 Preparation Has Begun

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    Default 2012 Preparation Has Begun

    Well, I started compiling my bait for next season. Already have a couple loaves of partially molding bread. Once Thanksgiving rolls around, Grandma will make her usual 30 pies of which only 5 get eaten. Some get donated to friends, some get donated to black, furry friends.
    Im going to try my new-used bow this time but need to start seriously practicing before I try and get my card. If anyone wants to meet up at Full Curl sometime, give me a shout. Could use the tips and practice.

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    its only about half a year away! Can't wait for spring to come so I can put my bait out....darn snow just showed up! Thanksgiving and X mas are really good times to save leftover desserts and such for bait.


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