Hi folks,

I apologize for the inconvenience created in deleting the Kenai Wolf Thread. Unfortunately the basis of the thread was an email purported to have come from Ted Spraker. We received a note from Mr. Spraker indicating that he did not write that particular email. It appears that an error was made and the email took on a life of its own not only here, but in other contexts. Unfortunately the email also included his personal email address, which we would not normally allow to be posted on our site anyway.

Unfortunately because of the way our forum system works, in deleting the original post (which consisted of the email message), the entire thread disappears. I noticed that there were a lot of great comments in that thread, and I wished there was a way we could have kept those in place. But without a foundation, the whole building collapses.

Our members are welcome to restart a thread on the Kenai Wolf topic (and I hope they do). But we can't allow a message incorrectly ascribed to a public figure to be posted on our site. This was not a decision we were asked to make; we volunteered the withdrawal as a courtesy to Mr. Spraker.

Carry on-