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From an ADFG summary:

This is a summary of changes adopted by the Alaska Board of Game for regulatory year 2007-2008. This is not a comprehensive list of all the detailed changes. It is your responsibility to read the Alaska Hunting Regulations carefully for complete information.

These regulations do not become effective until July 1, 2007 so do not affect hunting or trapping seasons that are currently open or that open prior to July 1, 2007. (such as spring bear seasons and bear baiting)

Units 7 and 15, replace registration hunt with drawing permit hunt, Oct. 1 – Nov. 30 and April 1 – June 15.
Units 5 and 8, require an unrecovered wounded bear to count as the bag limit for that regulatory year.
Unit 8, modify hunt boundary between the registration hunt and drawing hunts near Kodiak city-all drainages into Chiniak, Antone Larsen, and northeast Ugak (east of Saltery drainage) Bays are included in the registration hunt.
Unit 9C, retain brown bear hunting closure in Kamishak special use area near McNeil.
Unit 13E, Denali State Park, liberalize bag limit to one bear a year.
Unit 16A, outside Denali State Park, eliminate resident brown bear tag fee requirement.
Unit 14C, Chugach State Park, open new drawing permit hunt, Jan. 1 – May 31, one bear per regulatory year.

Units 9A, 9B, 9C, within the Alagnak River drainage, 17A drainages west of Right Hand Point, 17B, 17C east of the Wood River and Wood River Lakes, 18, 19A and 19B-Mulchatna caribou herd, align resident seasons throughout the range to Aug. 1 – March 15, reduce resident bag limit to 2 caribou. Only one bull total may be taken during the regulatory year, and only one caribou may be taken Aug. 1 – Jan. 31. Shorten existing nonresident seasons to Sept. 1 – 15 with one caribou bag limit. Eliminate winter same day airborne hunt in portion of the area and restrict the use of proxies for caribou hunting prior to Nov. 1.
Unit 9D, convert general season resident hunt to registration hunt, with a one bull bag limit, close nonresident season.
Unit 10, Adak Island, no bag limit, but only two bulls may be taken per regulatory year, and no bulls may be taken from Jan. 1 – Aug. 9.
Unit 13, Tier II caribou hunt TC566-prohibit permit holders from hunting caribou anywhere else in the state that regulatory year. Limit permits to 2 per household. Require salvage of all edible meat, with the meat of the front quarters, hindquarters and ribs remaining on the bone. In addition, the entire head, hide, liver, heart and kidneys must be salvaged. No use of ORV’s over 1500 pounds or aircraft allowed. Allow transfer of permit to resident second degree kindred relative.
Unit 20E, near Eagle, allow emergency opening 3 day hunt during Oct. and Nov.

Unit 14C, extend season in Eklutna Management Area to May 31-not effective until next spring, 2008.
Unit 16, predator control area, add black bear control to allow the use of liberalized bag limits and methods and means under a control area permit. These conditions are only permitted with a control permit, not under general hunting regulations, and each resident hunter wishing to participate must be permitted. See new control supplement available mid-June for area and further information.
Under a control permit, after July 1, 2007, the following conditions may apply:
• Allow taking of any bear with no bag limit
• Same-day-airborne taking of black bears as long as permittee is at least 300 feet from the aircraft, including the use of any type of aircraft to access black bear baiting stations during the baiting season, April 15th to June 30th and August 10th to October 15th,
• Allow up to four bait stations
• No bear baiting within 100 yard buffer from the Unit 16 shorelines of the Susitna River, Yentna River below the confluence with the Skwentna River, the Deshka River (Kroto Creek) below the confluence with Trapper Creek, and Alexander Creek instead of ¼ mile.
• Allow bear baiting within one mile of cabins if the cabin is on the opposite side of a major river system from the bear baiting station and other permit conditions are met.
• Allow sale of tanned black bear hides (not mounts) as long as sale tag remains attached

Unit 3, Mitkof Island within the Petersburg Management Area, extend season, Oct. 15 – Dec. 15, and increase bag limit to 2 bucks.
Units 6 and 8, all unused deer harvest tickets must be carried while hunting deer and must be validated in sequential order, beginning with harvest ticket number one.

Units 1 - 5, prohibit the taking of nannies with kids.
Unit 13D, convert southeast portion of drawing hunt DG719 to registration hunt.
Units 14A and C, establish drawing hunt only Sept. 1-Oct. 31, early registration archery season in 14C, Aug. 16-31. November registration hunt in areas if harvest is not obtained. Not in effect until fall 2008-will be printed in Winter Drawing Supplement.
Unit 15C, convert existing Tier II hunts to registration hunts with same season as other Kenai Peninsula hunts, Aug. 10 – Oct. 15 with limited permit availability. Retain November 1 – 30 registration hunt in area.

Unit 1B and 3, eliminate nonresident season for the existing drawing hunt.
Unit 1D, Tier II moose hunt TM059, extend season, Sept. 15 – Oct. 7.
Units 1-5, any damaged, broken, or altered antler may not be used to satisfy the spike-fork antlers requirement.
Unit 13, Tier II moose hunt TM300-prohibit permit holders from hunting moose anywhere else in the state that regulatory year. No use of ORV’s over 1500 pounds or aircraft allowed. Allow transfer of permit to resident second degree kindred relative. All moose hunters-require salvage of all edible meat, with the meat of the front quarters, hindquarters and ribs remaining on the bone. In addition, the liver and heart must be salvaged.
Unit 14A, create new youth hunt for antlerless moose in DM402, youth hunters aged 10-17 years old, accompanied by licensed adult at least 21years old, moose bag limit counts against both bag limits.
Units 14A, B and 16A, shorten bull moose season by 10 days, Aug. 20 – Sept. 20.
Unit 14C, Ship Creek (upstream of Ft. Richardson) establish late season registration hunt for any bull, Oct. 1 – Nov. 30.
Unit 20D, lengthen antlerless moose season Oct. 1 - Nov. 15, increase number of permits available.

Units 14A, south and east of the Matanuska River, and 13D, establish new drawing hunts, any ram west of Tazlina Lake and in 14A, full curl only east of Tazlina Lake. Not in effect until fall 2008-will be printed in Winter Drawing Supplement.

Unit 9, extend hunting season to end May 25.

Units 1 - 5, open hunting season earlier, Sept. 1 – Feb. 15.

Unit 1C, manage Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge by zones, with department authority to close specific areas.
Unit 14C, Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge, clarify permit requirements for all hunters, and allow air rifles with rifled barrel for deleterious exotic wildlife hunting.
Unit 14C, Eagle River Management area, allow the use of shotguns for small game with permit.
Units 15A and B, Skilak Loop Wildlife Management area. Create youth hunt allowing hunters 16 and younger, accompanied by a licensed hunter 18 or older, to use rimfire firearms and shotguns for small game in western half of area on weekends Oct. 15-Dec. 31, including the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Active duty resident military who are unable to use drawing or Tier II permits due to being deployed to an active combat zone may:
For drawing permit hunts: be reissued the same drawing permit for the following year when the person returns to this state from active duty
For Tier II permits: transfer that Tier II permit only during the same regulatory year to a substitute hunter while the person is out of the state on active duty.

Tier II scoring changes
Question 16 concerning alternative resources was repealed and replaced with a new question concerning time spent in the area of the Tier II hunt.

For the moose and caribou hunts in Unit 13, a new question concerning household income was added. The income levels and scoring will be dependent on the number of people in the household and their total taxable income for the past year.

The taxable income of all members of a household will be considered. A family of four or fewer members will receive zero points on this question if the total taxable income of all household members exceeds $51,640. The cutoff will be adjusted upward for larger households.

If household income exceeds the cutoff, the total score for the application will be zero. If there are Tier II permits remaining, but a pool of applicants with the same score is too large to award all permits, a random drawing is done to award the remaining permits. In other words, if there is a large pool of people with a score of zero, there will a random drawing if there are permits remaining.

Units 1 –5 require all traps and snares to be marked with a permanent tag with trapper’s name and address or permanent ID, or be set within 50 yards of a sign with the same information.

Unit 1D, change the 5 per season bag limit to no bag limit.
Unit 4, west of Chatham strait, open trapping season Dec. 1 – May 15, no bag limit.
Unit 11, align seasons, bag limits and methods and means with Unit 13. Season Sept. 25 - May 31, no bag limit, no firearms allowed, and from September 25 through November 9 only with underwater traps or snares.
Unit 14C, Birchwood Management area, open trapping season, Dec. 1 – April 15, 20 per season.

Unit 5, open trapping season earlier, Nov. 10 – Feb. 15.
Unit 6, shorten season to align with wolf, Nov. 10 – Mar. 31.
Unit 9, align trapping season with wolf, Oct. 1 – Apr. 30.
Unit 13, align trapping season with wolf, Oct. 15 – Apr. 30.
Units 14(B), 16, and 17, align trapping season with wolf, Nov. 10 – Apr. 30.

Unit 5, open trapping season earlier, Nov. 10 – Feb. 15.

Units 14B and 16A, extend trapping season, Nov. 10 – Jan. 31.

Unit 17, extend trapping season, Nov. 10-Mar. 31, increase bag limit to no limit.

Unit 14A, align trapping season with lynx season, Dec. 15 – Jan. 31.
Unit 14C, open trapping season in Chugach State Park Management Area, align season in all of Unit 14C with lynx, Dec. 15 – Jan. 31.

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