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Thread: ATV, UTV, Argo or something else???

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    Default ATV, UTV, Argo or something else???

    I am looking to buy a new rig and have a few questions. I have some buddies that love their 550 Grizzlies and have also heard great things about Ranger 4x4 & 6x6 and I have driven an Argo and was impressed. My main uses will be for moose hunting but I also have a growing family (5 yrs & 3 yrs) and I would like to start getting them out on more remote camping/fishing trips. Should I look at a Grizzly with thoughts of handing it down to my wife and/or kids down the line and build an ATV armada over time? Or should I look to the UTV/Argo route for hunting and kid hauling??

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    Argo worked great for the family of 5 and hunting season!!
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    It depends on what you want to do with it. As for a dedicated machine for moose hunting, an Argo is outstanding, but you need to be a bit mechanically inclined. A Grizzley is excellent for YOU, but for a family, one wheeler won't cut it. I own 2 Yamaha Kodiaks and absolute love them, but they just can't go where an Argo or a 6X6 can. I have a 2011 6X6 Ranger and absolutely am sold on it's performance. As long as you remember this is not a tank or an Argo, you can do what few others can. A 4X4 Ranger or Rhino class can't remotely keep up with a 6X6 in the muck.

    I hear some claiming their 6X6 breaks easily, but if you treat it like it is designed, I have known no one to have issues. Only when they overload or beat the crap out of it. A common plague with the Ranger 4X4's is they tend to snap axles when under stress, but I have not heard of this being an issue with the 6X6. I use mine for a lot of things, but I mainly got it for a hunting and fishing rig. Love it so far. The wife was put off an Argo on her first trip in one. It was pretty bumpy, noisy and uncomfortable. Otherwise, I was looking at one very hard.

    Argo's are great, but they can beat you up in the rough stuff, but they float and can go where few other motor vehicles can. As I said, I would think the best choice for you is what you will really use it for.

    Hope this helps.
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    I whole heartedly agree with Hawken54... a 4 wheeler would be fine for you, but it won't haul your family.. I had serious thoughts about buying an argo, until the opportunity to buy a late model 6x6 popped up and I went with that instead... My family and I are quite pleased with the 6x... Having struggled with a 4 wheeler for several years, it's amazing what you can do with a 6x...

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    What about a 6x Ranger with tracks?

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    Default tracks are smoother

    I know the budget is a consideration....but an amphibious vehicle with tracks is much smoother and capable than one without. I've had all of the vehicles you mentioned including a 6x ranger and I am sold on the amphibious tracked vehicles. Very seldom can you ever really go fast anyway when you're off-road. The rangers can go faster (over flat open ground) but I never liked them side-hilling and especially didn't like the gas mileage or the turning radius. Anything is bumpy if you go fast. I've tried 4 and 6 wheelers, a late model 6x ranger, even tried a mini-truck (for gas mileage)- but ultimately settled on a tracked rig. That and kept a couple old beater 4-wheelers, and I've never looked back. If you're willing to pony up the cash, or be patient for a used one to come on the market you may be able to skip some of these steps. I think they're the best for carrying multiple passengers (under canvas cover w/heat), they can tow a lot, and are truly 4-season rigs. Most of us are always looking for the next best thing, I wish someone would have just told me to start off this way. You can find a good used one for around the same price as some of these new utv's.-

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    The only tracked rig I have experience with are a couple tracked up 8x argos...I must disagree with Buzz, the ride quality on a wheeler or 6x ranger is dramatically better....the argo is substantially more harsh on the driver and passengers...but when the argo type rig is in their element not much can keep up....Having said that, I know where you can get a late model 8x avenger with ALL of the goodies, low hours and in PERFECT shape if you do decide to go that route.... ...and buzz is correct on the price, it's about the same as a new 6x ranger, because once it is sold that is what the money will be used for
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    Default depends on speed and terrain

    A wheeled rig is smoother until the going gets rough and you're forced to slow down. I know that's stating the obvious but, A tracked argo is smoother than a non-tracked argo (and a 6x ranger) at bush-wacking speeds over nasty terrain. It's kind of like laying a bridge over many of the dips, holes and deadfall trees when stacked together. The jarring isn't nearly as frequent or repetitive. Not as much throttle or momentum is required. Over nasty terrain, a tracked rig is much smoother than you would think, especially with low gearing. Lots of traction, no gaps between axles. When a 6x ranger is able to make it over some of this stuff, it can be very rough. I will agree that over most terrain, the 6x ranger is pretty darn good. They're great rigs, and I used to have one but they have pitfalls too. Any atv is going to give you some "jarring" unless you stay on a smooth road. An argo or mudd-ox is smooth when slow or bumpy as hell at 20 mph. Everything is smooth when it's sitting still and stuck, or on a smooth road.

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    I do think that some people get an argo and then take it to where 4 or 6-wheelers can operate only to discover that it's rough and they don't really need it. I could see how a normal ATV would be preferable in that situation. One argo may perform wonderfully while another might not, depending on how it's set up also. I can say that I get out more with my family since I moved to the amphibious tracked rigs. For what that's worth.


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