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    Talking newbie here

    Hey all. Any tips for someone who's never taken fishing seriously but has been bitten by the bug? All I've done is a little halibut fishing, shrimp & crabpot setting, and dipnetting, but would like to try casting & fly fishing for trout & salmon. Can someone point me in the right direction before I run out and buy all the wrong gear? Recommended books? Web links?


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    "The highway angler" by Gunnar Pedersen is a great read and has lots of tips/tricks. Go to the upcoming sportsman show if you are around Anchorage. There will be lots 'o stuff to drool over and lots of great advice at the seminars.

    Probably one of the most basic rules.....Don't skimp on gear! Buy quality the first time and you won't be disappointed.

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    You'll find some excellent buys on fishing gear at the Sportsmens show but the salespeople are usually so busy that they really can't give you a lot of advice. I'd suggest going to Mountain View Sports, Sportsmean Wearshouse or B&J and talking with people who really know the sport and can direct you to the best tackle for your level of interest and experience. They are all usually at the Anchorage Sportsmans show as well but as for time to talk........probably not a lot. You don't need a $500 fly rod to start out.....and, in my experience, none of these stores will try and load you up with expensive stuff you don't need. Fred Meyer, Wal-Mart and the BX have good prices but their salespeople don't seem to be as knowledgeable. Folks on this forum are also very very helpful to anyone expressing an interest in fishing. Best of luck -

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    Wolfeye sent ya a PM buddy

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    talk to Jason at B&J commercial he set me up great when I was 10 and biked to boondocks every other day to buy new fly tying stuff, no doubt he'll do the same for you
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