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Thread: Haul Rd Dollies?

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    Question Haul Rd Dollies?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried fishing for dollies in the Sag or tributaries from the road? Looking for the following info: Best time of year-(I was thinking of late August next year), can they be caught in the main Sag or do you need to cross and get to the tributaries-(I won't have a boat), any suggestions on lures or tactics? I was just wanting to try something new and am already dreaming about next summer as winter sets in. I didn't know if the Sag gets any salmon runs or if egg pattern flies would work or streamers, spinners, etc. Anyway, I appreciate any information anyone would be willing to share.

    Thank you,

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    Hi Greg!

    My husband and a buddy have been up there a couple of times and fished the Sag plus some of the other smaller creeks up there. They did catch a few char but mostly a TON of grayling. In the Sag they caught fish on literally every single cast from the bank using small spinners. Think it was in July and August they went.

    Husband said to get one of those roadside or highway fishing books. I have seen them for sale on this website. Hope this helps. Have fun!

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    Default No Dollies but Grayling

    I can't say I fished much on the Haul Rd. but when I can get away from work my line is going in the water. I haven't caught any dollies let alone fished the Sag but I do hit creeks here and there. I got some photos on a thread I just posted on Jim Creek just north of Pump 5. It's beautiful great fishing and even more amazing fish. The larger Grayling actually faught when I'm used to them fighting for a sec. or two then weedling down to where I'm reeling in a floating rock. Next year my fly rod is going w/ me and won't be on borrowed equip. My thread is "Found some photos from this last summer"
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    Default Thanks for the Info

    Sounds like I will be able to find a lot of grayling up there. Those are some great pictures of Jim creek. Has anyone tried the Sag for Dollies?
    Thanks again,

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    I didn't fish the sag, but everything before the brooks range had great arctic grayling fishing.
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    I fished the sag this September around the 25th or so and had zero luck. It was very cold, the water was clear and seemed low, but no fish. I tried lures and flies from leeches to beadheads. I was fishing north of Pump 3 a little ways. Maybe it was too late in the year?


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