I have been surprised over the last several years about how often shootguns and slugs are mentioned on this forum. Being from Iowa we have two choices in longarms for thinning the deer herd, muzzleloaders and shotguns shooting slugs.

I can remember not to many years ago when shotguns equaled handi-cap for deer hunting and thats why we were limited to them to start with. Howsomever the shotgun world has evolved so much that it has by-passed the limitations that the legal begals saw in them in the first place.

I have in my possession a couple of Savage model 220 20 gauges. I was also given a whole bunch of different brands of slugs to try in them. After initially taking one of them out of the box I could see that I was going to have to find a picanty rail or some offset rings to make any scope work. Weaver 35 mounts will fit but the span between the rear mount and front mount is 5 and 1/2 inches center to center! There are 50 different scopes on the shelf at the shop but none of them will fit that span. A short search on the net solved the problem. If UPS tracking is correct then I should have a couple of one piece picanty bases in my mail box around noon tomorrow. Evolution Gun Works seems to have the corner on the market for this new offering from Savage. The rifle with a low powered scope will top the scales at around 7 and 1/2 pounds.

Midway USA's catalog tells me that I can expect a 3" Federal Premium Vital-Shok Barnes Expander Sabot Slug at 5/8 of an ounce(roughly 382 grains) to exit the Savages 20 inch barrel at 1900 fps. Now that is a long, long way from the 20 gauge slug guns of old that I grew up with and puts this new Savage on par with the 45-70 that many of you Alaskans use to shoot stuff that bites back. Whats better is that Savage says these rifled slug guns will shoot into 3 inches at 200 yards!

The gun feels good when shouldered. The two shot clip looks quality wise to be on par with those high dollar ones in the Tikka T3 rifles. Yup it has a but ugly plastic stock vintage of most Savages. As long as the stock is rugged I can live with it. I plan to practice art class 1-0-1 with a spray can on it anyway.

Now I just have to put it all together and see for myself. I will report back.

Murphy, you wanted to talk guns! Me too and I hope Savage shotguns count cuz I can't afford most of your gun shootin habits. Heck I could buy a couple of nice guns for what that fancy mailbox at the end of your drive cost! To each his own