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    Anybody been on it lately? I'm wondering what the water levels are like and how the gravel bars are looking. It's been a few weeks, but the last time I fished it the gravel bars were unexposed and the fishing was tough.

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    was out there friday, water is down, almost were it should be for this time of year, fishing was tough, fish were sluggish, water temp was 42. I normally would fish it until the first week of Nov but I honestly don't think it is worth the gas this year.

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    We were out there last Thurs. KBF is right. Tough fishing. We managed a steelie and a few decent bows but nothing like it should be this time of year. All the high water washed out the food. Another Icedam just broke as well so it's on the rise yet again. My guess is there might be a short timeframe for silver spawn as long as it doesnt completely freeze yet.


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