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Thread: Blacktail hunting location question

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    Default Blacktail hunting location question

    So I have a buddy who is blacktail hunting down in Whitter. I was wondering if anyone could help me out. Is there a high amount of deer down there? Is it a good place to hunt them? Can you get to them from a road system? Is Whitter the only place you can hunt deer that you dont have to take a boat to get to? I want to hunt deer, but If PWS or Kodiak are the only places to really go, I wont be able to go for a couple of years.
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    There might be an adventurous deer ever once in a while around Whittier (they even made it to Anchorage once in recent history) but there really is no established deer herd in and around Whittier. Once you clear the tunnel there is a whopping couple miles of roads, that's about it. Take a look on Google earth and you will get the idea. To get to deer out of Whittier you have to take a boat to one of the islands.
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