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Thread: Snow in Cantwell?

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    Default Snow in Cantwell?

    Has anybody been up near Cantwell lately? Do they have any good snow? I was thinking about heading up there for some riding. Any reports of snow conditions from that direction would be greatly appreciated. Thx

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    Was up there Tues. 3/20. Was beautiful, mid twenties but the wind was howling. Snow is pretty sparse, mostly hard windpacked stuff.

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    Default Windblown

    I was just up there on the 3/24 and 3/25 and it was extremely windblown. The locals said it has been doing nothing but blowing the last 3 weeks, but on the 3/24th it was pretty good able to do the Caribou Lakes loop. Going out the Denali on Thursday thru Sunday let ya know when I get back.

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    Yeah, I lived in cantwell 10 years and just bought a cabin up there last week. My older bro was up there and made the caribou lakes loop and said everything was extremely windblown. Unless we get some new snow up there I don't expect the riding to be what Cantwells normally like.


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