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Thread: Any recent Haul Road info???

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    Default Any recent Haul Road info???

    I'm heading up on Wednesday, can anyone give me any reports? Road conditions?


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    A friend got back a few days ago. They had pretty good weather, but said the road was pretty icy in spots. The pass was a bit tricky, but they made it with just studs, no chains. They tent camped at Galbraith Lake and ended up hunting up around Toolik Lake. His partner was bow hunting but that didn't work out, even though they spotted about 500 caribou from off a ridge to the east of Toolik Lake. After a few days they decided to do the 5 mile hike in and came across a pretty good sized herd in the Kuparik River valley. They took a small bull and a cow with rifles and then slid them out on sleds. Hope this helps out Mossyhorn--Good Luck!

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    Me and a buddy Went up Friday after work. We hunted Saturday Sunday and half of Monday. We shot 4 with bows. 3 nice bulls and a cow. The road was icy all the way around and had an avalanche in the pass Sunday night. All In all it was very slow driving but a great trip. All caribou taken were within 5 miles north and south of toolik lake. Hope this helps.


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