After reading many of the posts as of late its clear one thing is missing. Respect. I heard of one person who had all their gas stolen. Others who were forced out of hunting areas. Others who had gear damaged by others. I have heard of poachers. It comes down to simple respect. I should say total lack of respect. You need to respect other peoples property. You dont go steal their gas. You dont steal their food cache. Its one thing if you are lost and hungry and in trouble. No one here would deny you help or blame you for eating a meal. We have to respect other people. If you come across a group hunting a valley then move on to the next. On the same token when they go to the next valley or whatever you need to respect that they are and have every right to hunt there. You cant leave a tent on public land and expect to have rights to anything within 10 miles of it for the whole season when you are only there a few days here and there. You dont go block trails so others cant get by. You dont go break into their car and steal what you can. Nor should you put up with people who do. Respect other peoples property. you need to have respect for the animals and not leave behind a 48" bull because you screwed up. you need to be totaly sure before you pull the trigger. You need to make sure you use all that you can from the animal you harvest and not waste any of it. respect the new guys to the outdoors. You were new once as well. help them out if you can. You dont have to give them your honey hole but a few good pointers go a long ways. New guys need to respect the ones that have been at it for a while. Learn from them and if they show you a spot dont burn it on them by taking your whole tribe there. NEVER take anyone there without asking. Yes it may be public land but out of respect for the guy who helped you out dont do it. A little respect goes a long ways.