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Thread: Annual trapping season reminder, be ready if things go wrong

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    Default Annual trapping season reminder, be ready if things go wrong

    This is mostly for the guys who are new to Alaska upland hunting with dogs. Those of you that have been around no doubt already know this but never hurts for us old guys to have a reminder.

    Trapping season will soon be in full swing and for those of us who hunt upland game with dogs there is the danger of having our beloved hunting partners caught in a snare, leg hold or connibear trap. Having a decent set of side-cutter pliers for the snare (a Leatherman just isnít quite enough for most of these cables) and a six foot or so length of ¼ rope at least will give you the opportunity to extract the dog from a connibear or from a snare. Leg holds are relatively easy except that the dog may be scared and might not hold still when you try to compress the springs.
    Getting a dog out of a connibear is fairly simple but would take a great deal more explaining than simply looking at the instructions and pictures in this website . A friend and fellow setter owner recently had one of his setters caught in a wolf snare. Fortunately he had a Garmin, was able to quickly locate the dog and the dog was smart enough not to fight the snare so it all worked out. Having some items like medical tape and gauze and a carry harness to get the dog out of a remote area are also good for many of the multitude of dog injuries that can happen in the field and a long way from help. I tend to try and identify areas that are being trapped and stay out of them but things do go wrong at times in spite of best efforts to avoid it. So best of luck to all of you with your canine partner and hopefully none of you will need any of this.

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    Great post, always a nice little reminder!
    "If I could shoot a game bird and still not hurt it, the way I can take a trout on a fly and release it, I doubt if I would kill another one." George Bird Evans


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