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    Why are there so many people on here that feel the need to make nasty condesending comments when the same information can be communicated in a more tactful way? There are a few pilots on here that I honestly hope not to meet in the aviation commuinty. I guess I have met a few in real life at arctics air academy in palmer and I wont do buisness there anymore. It is just unfortuante I guess.

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    Maybe you should make a self examination of your online persona. It's not like this is your first experience aggravating the audience. As others have posted you have a history and all it takes is a minute of google to pull it up. Any idea of how many forums you have been banned from? A rational person can see where the fault is, but that may be over your head.

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    Default No way!

    I don't even want this one to get started.
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