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Thread: Anybody seen any Black Bears near Kenai or Homer?

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    Default Anybody seen any Black Bears near Kenai or Homer?

    Curious if anyone has seen any activity this week? Going to be around that area and thought I might look for a few.
    Might cross the water in Homer or go towards Cooper landing?
    Thanks in advance

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    Jackaloff bay.. walk up the road..

    just called a paddle horn moose into my yard this evening.. heard him crashing in the woods and called him out..

    helped a woman that creamed a cow with her pick up last night. Took the troopers a hour and a half to get there..not sure the moose got taken care of.. will follow that up. Plenty of people that want the meat.. they need to make sure it's made available.. could have been cared for before dark..

    go across the bay.

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    Saw a little guy in the Panoramic Heights sub last week. Not many sightings around Seldovia this year, not sure why.
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