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Thread: Reservations in advance?

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    Default Reservations in advance?

    Hi! My partner and I will be in AK Aug of 2012. I have been surfing the internet and there are so many guides and outfitters that it leaves me more confused than informed! We will be flying into Anchorage and renting an RV for travel in the Interior, Southcentral, and Kenai. Fishing is my main activity. My partner has expressed an interest in kayaking, sight/flight seeing and horse back riding. We will obviously be doing the tourist sightseeing thing too.

    As far as fishing, I would like to fish whatever is accessible from the road to save a little $$. To ensure success, I would like to hire some guides for fresh and salt water, but I have to be economical about it. With so many guides to choose from, how do I choose? I don't neccessarily need lodging because we will have the RV. It seems most outfitters include lodging. Will I need reservations, or does tourism wind down in August? What do you guys think? Suggestions?


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    August is a great time to fish the Valley streams and Kenai peninsula streams on your own. Tons of pink salmon will be in along with silver salmon. If you're still thinking about a guided fishing trip I know that quite a few guides offer lodging with their fishing but it's not required. Send out emails to find out for sure. Good luck.

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    Janines, the best advice I can give is to do a little research and decide what you want to catch. In August you can target Pinks, Rainbows, Dollies and Silvers. Y ou can also go in the salt for Halibut. Then target that as your primary goal and go to the best area and get a guide for that target fish. If you want Silvers maybe a flyout for a day from Soldotna. High Adventure Air will get you Silvers. Rainbows maybe the Kenai river float. Dan Hardy, Dray Outfitters. Nail down a time and target. Just my opinion. Have a great trip!

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    Last time up we did a float on the Kenai with Troutfitters. Terrific guide, terrific time. I know guides change and move on over time, but that is the first place I would call if you want to try that sort of thing. I believe they were in Cooper's Landing.

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