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Thread: Accessing hunting lands through national parks??

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    Default Accessing hunting lands through national parks??

    Say if you wanted to hunt an area of state land but the best way to get there was to hike many miles through a national park. As it stands now carrying I believe is legal in parks....even if it is a rifle I believe so that shouldn't be an issue?? But what about hauling game meat back through the park?? Of course the kill site would be WELL out of the national park and GPS'd and what not. Just wondering if someone more knowledgeable than I could shed light on this.


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    i can't see anything wrong with this plan myself. i would take photos and make sure your gps has xtra batteries since that will be your case if you get checked. most of the parkies seem to not have a favorable view of hunting in or anywhere near "their" parks, but i cant think of a reason you can't do as described.

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    Probably the best way to answer this is to contact the park you plan on going through, get a response in writing and signed by the person who gave it to you. Wish I could answer it. I have a feeling I may know, but could be totally wrong. Cover your ARSE!!!


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