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Thread: 458 SOCOM Pistol - Thoughts?

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    Default 458 SOCOM Pistol - Thoughts?

    Gotta get ready for the winter project. Thinks it's gonna be a 458 SOCOM AR pistol. I know the semi-auto in the AK brush arguements, but I still wanna build one; I use that term loosely as buying an upper, lower and putting 2 pins together is not really building!
    I just wanna put a big bore AR together, 458 because I have a 45/70 and therefore most reloading stuff is the same and I just fancy the pistol for compactness.
    Will I use it for the infamous 'bear defense', I don't know until I have tested reliability.

    Just curious if anyone on here is running a 458 AR, especially pistol variant and what sort of reliability and balistics you are getting.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think that a 458 SOCOM AR pistol would be quite a handful when you squeeze off a round. I have a 45-70 too and have thought many times that a 458 SOCOM would be a fun build, but I want a full sized AR rifle with collapsible stock. So, if you build it, please let us know how it works out for you.


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    I have a 50 Beowulf upper and I would NOT want to shoot it without a buttstock and a limbsaver. is not quite like my Encore in 450 Marlin with an 18" Katadin barrel....but it is not fun to shoot without the recoil pad. Besides, you can aim so much better and get follow-up shots off quicker with a rifle. And, AR pistols are a little awkward to shoot IMHO.


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